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At Pacific Link Business Communications, we pride ourselves on the support we offer our customers both during and after the design and installation process.  We believe that this is one of the most important aspects of a successful installation.  It is for this reason that our customers begin to fully realize the value of the services we offer.

Our goal is to design and install a communications infrastructure that is both robust and addresses current and future TIA/EIA standards.  This will ensure a long lifespan of the system, while offering our customers the peace of mind knowing they have a system that will perform to their needs for years to come.

When our technical staff arrives on site, they are prepared to work with you in order to install the system exactly as specified by you and your sales engineer.  The technicians are in constant contact with the people directly responsible for designing the system.  This guarantees consistency and compliance.

Upon a successful installation, all cables are put through a set of testing parameters to guarantee it will perform as specified.  These test results are then downloaded, printed and turned over to you for record keeping.  Additionally, your design engineer/project manager will review the installation with you so you fully understand its features and benefits.  They will review the labeling scheme and documentation so when the project is turned over, you will feel confident about the completeness of the system so it can be used to its maximum potential.  If you believe that support is as important as we do, please give us a call today to discuss how we can assist with your communications cabling needs.

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